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Annual Report 2013
2013 Annual Report

Map of Clyde

Maps for North Coast Inland Trail  - Sandusky County 28 miles Bellevue to Elmore


Yard Waste Collection
Schedule -Spring/Summer/Fall


call Park Superintendent Jim Mason in the
park office (419) 547-8455

Weekdays (Mon.-Fri.) $30.00/two (2) hours - $15.00 thereafter  - Plus Refundable Cleanup Deposit $50.00 
Weekends & Holidays 100.00/day
Plus Refundable Cleanup Deposit $50.00 

$20.00 per day 
No charge for non-profit organizations

City Building Basement
Community Room Rental

call Joan (419) 547-0575

Cancer Study
For information on the work being done by Federal EPA, Ohio EPA, Ohio  Department of Health and the Sandusky County Health Department you can contact the following:

US EPA Eastern Sandusky County Assessment Project Website  Updated!
Virginia Narsete, Community Involvement Coordinator
Phone (312) 886-4359 or
(800) 621-8431 ext. 64359

 Ohio EPA's Cancer Study Website
Darla Peelle
Phone (614) 644-2160


Dave Pollick
Sandusky County Health Department
Phone (419) 334-6377


The Ohio Municipal League
- The Ohio Municipal League represents the collective interests of Ohio's 251 cities and 687 villages before the Ohio General Assembly.  The League represents not only Ohio mayors but also the entire spectrum of local municipal officials including law directors, city managers, finance officers, safety directors, service directors, council members and city village clerks.  Incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 1952, the league continues to serve the needs of municipal government in a variety of capacities.

Learn more here about what our community faces on statewide issues. Visit


Rich in history, home to the world's largest washing machine manufacturer, small town friendliness, whatever you are looking for, chances are Clyde has it! If you don't find what you're looking for here on our web site, drop us a line at and we will be happy to assist you.

Important Resident
Community Events Calendar

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Resurfacing of Durnwald Drive
Bid Results 8/8/2014

Award 08/19/2014


City Board & Commission Vacancies


 Board of Zoning Appeals Public Hearings

The City of Clyde Board of Zoning Appeals will hold Public Hearing No. 1 in the 2nd Floor Conference Room, Clyde Municipal Building, 222 North Main Street, Clyde, Ohio, 43410 at 8:00 p.m. on Monday, September 8, 2014, to consider the Variance application of Tyson J. Maag for a variance of eight (8) feet at 173 Lemmon Street, Clyde, Ohio 43410, Parcel 325000117000 to allow his garage to be two (2) feet from the proposed new property line (setback line), instead of the side yard setback requirement under Code Section 1145.04(c)(4)B of ten (10) feet.

The City of Clyde Board of Zoning Appeals will hold Public Hearing No. 2 in the 2nd Floor Conference Room, Clyde Municipal Building, 222 North Main Street, Clyde, Ohio, 43410 at 8:00 p.m. on Monday, September 8, 2014, immediately following Public Hearing No. 1 to consider the  Variance application of Tom and Martha Fisher, 530 N. Mulberry Street, Clyde, Ohio 43410, Parcel 325000178500 to install a forty-eight (48) inch high iron fence from the northwest corner of the garage west to the property line then north along the Ridgeview Street property line to the property pin then east along the Ericsson/Fisher property line approximately 19-½ feet instead of the requirement under Code Section 1153.01(c) which says fences or screening within front yards and side yards extending from the front line of the principal building toward the street right of way shall not exceed more that forty-two (42) inches high.


Supporting documentation may be examined at the Zoning Inspector’s Office Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. to noon and 1:00 p.m. to 4 p.m. Kenneth G. Winke, Zoning Inspector, City of Clyde



Zoning Permits are Required Before You Build. This is a reminder to Clyde residents that a Zoning Permit is required for all structures. No person shall locate, erect, construct, reconstruct, enlarge or structurally alter any building, accessory building, utility building or structure within the City of Clyde, or change the use of the building or land without first obtaining an approved Zoning Certificate. Among other things, structures include homes, mobile homes, fences, signs, swimming pools, decks, sheds and garages.  For more information call Ken Winke weekdays at (419) 547-3587

Visit the Zoning web page

Download The Basic Zoning Application


Online Utility Bill Pay - The City of Clyde is looking at other options to provide online bill pay services and access to billing and usage histories.  Please see the bottom of a future utility bill for new information on the service. Utility bills will still be emailed monthly if you have previously requested this service.

Please contact the finance department at 419-547-0575 for questions.




 Clyde Surplus Item Auction
LEGAL NOTICE:  PUBLIC AUCTION OF UNCLAIMED PERSONAL PROPERTY PURSUANT TO OHIO REVISED CODE SECTION 737.32 AND PURSUANT TO ARTICLE 2-1 OF THE CLYDE CHARTER THE SALE OF NO LONGER NEEDED MUNICIPAL PROPERTYProperty that has remained unclaimed for more than ninety days (90) and no longer needed municipal property shall be sold by internet auction.  The City of Clyde has entered into an agreement by Resolution Number 2009-10 with to auction, on the City of Clyde’s behalf, unclaimed or no longer needed municipal property. To bid on unclaimed personal property or no longer needed municipal property, visit:, Paul H. Fiser, City Manager


Current News!

Flags of Honor
Clyde Fair September 19, 20, 21

Opening Ceremony & Queen's Contest Friday, Sept 19 at 5PM

Flags of Honor at 6PM

2014 Clyde Fair Schedule & Contacts


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