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Sharon S. Smith
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The City of Clyde, as provided in the City Charter, is a Council-Manager Government. The Manager's duty is to execute the laws and administer the
government of the municipality. The Manager is the Chief Executive Officer of the City and is responsible to Council for the proper administration
of the Municipal Government.

City Manager's Update to Council March 17, 2015

As mentioned earlier, our 2015 Street Resurfacing Program will be bid on April 24 at 10 AM. The roads involved with this year's program are Helen Street, Norris Drive, Gregory Court, East Drew Lane, East Thomson Drive, and Zimmerman. The cost estimate for the program is $130,000.00. Once we have a paving company under contract, we will have a "Paving Schedule Update" section on our city website. Please check in frequently beginning in May if you reside on one of the project streets.

Tomorrow we have a large conference call scheduled with the Clyde Solar Field developers. It hopefully will be the final discussion on contract and commercial terms before construction starts. We will potentially bring one last piece of legislation before council at our next meeting but that will be tied directly to some existing contract performance deadlines.

The Water Treatment Plant had a very thorough state inspection of their lab today. Superintendant Farrar reported that the entire process was very long but went very well. All of the needed lab certificates will be renewed. Mr. Farrar also stated that the recent warm weather has been producing a very slow thaw, which has been very beneficial to his operations. They have been pumping water out at the Beaver Creek Reservoir for about a week now. Actual totals will be available tomorrow but we should have picked up about 100 million gallons this past week.

The Wynbissinger Family, owners' of the Ace Hardware in Bellevue officially announced this past weekend that they are building a store in Clyde. The store will be located on the North end of Anderson Avenue between McDonald's and Drug Mart. The store will be approximately 9,000 square feet in size and have the same basic products as their Bellevue location. Since the departure of Clyde's two home improvement stores, I have frequently been a customer at the Bellevue Ace Hardware. I can personally attest to outstanding customer service. They know their products and they will ensure you leave satisfied. We definitely have the need and I am certain that Clyde will support this great addition to our community. I hope this is the first in numerous new commercial announcements this year.

The Flow Equalization (EQ) Basin design is in its final stages. The construction plans should be submitted to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) by the end of this week. Following approval by the OEPA, we will receive our Permit-to-Install (PTI) certificate and we can proceed with the loan process thru the OEPA's Division of Environmental and Financial Assistance (DEFA). The tentative bid date is set for July 31.

 Misc. Updates ......

- Obstacles for the Clyde Lion's Club Skate Plaza are tentatively set to arrive March 30.  

- Work is back on schedule at the East Sub-station. They were battling some frozen underground conduits but the recent thaw has solved that problem. The expected "return to service" is still anticipated by the end of the month.

- Superintendent Lachner and staff have approved the CL&P Digger Truck for paint. It will hopefully arrive within 30 days.

- Nothing new to report on the US RT 20 Culvert design at this time.


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