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The City of Clyde, as provided in the City Charter, is a Council-Manager Government. The Manager's duty is to execute the laws and administer the government of the municipality. The Manager is the Chief Executive Officer of the City and is responsible to Council for the proper administration of the Municipal Government. 

City Manager's Update to Council February 2, 2016

The past few weeks have been extremely busy throughout the city.  The weather has been more reminiscent of late fall as opposed to mid-Winter.  The mild weather has allowed for a very long construction season.  It has also been very kind to the salt budget and we are definitely thankful for that.

First off tonight,  I want to officially welcome Jackie Hoppe to our Administrative Team.  Jackie comes to us from the Clyde Green Springs School District with twenty (20) years of experience.  Jackie always has a smile on her face and I know she is very excited for her new career.  Mrs. Hoppe's arrival will mark only the third Administrative Secretary in forty (40) years for the City of Clyde.  I know what it is like to follow someone with many years of experience at a particular job.  It can be difficult at times but I believe Jackie is up for the challenge. 

Work on the Waste Water Treatment Plant's (WWTP) Flow Equalization Basin is continuing strong and will soon be moving inside or at least under cover.  The actual basin for the most part is complete and all of the tipping buckets have been installed.  The Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Screening Facility has been partially gutted in preparation for its new screens and overflow weir.  The wall on the Primary Treatment Building has been opened to allow construction access for the new rotating drum screens and conveyors.  This opening will eventually be filled with an overhead rolling door. 

The Clyde Solar Energy Center (CSEC) seems to get busier ever day.  At this point, the hardware continues to be mounted to the almost 3,000 posts driven in the ground.  This hardware and connected torque tubes will provide the backbone on which the solar panels will rotate from East to West during the daylight hours.  We will try to get some current construction photos out to the public in the near future.

The USEPA was in town on January 21 to perform what we hope is the final round of subsurface testing at the old Clyde Paint Factory.  We have been in communication with them as recently as yesterday but no results are available yet.  We hope to have the concrete floor and footers removed yet this winter so we are ready for final grading and seeding before spring arrives.

While on the topic of city improvements, the deteriorating block building on South Street has been demolished.  Great Lakes Demolition Company had the two-story building down in a matter of hours and had all of the remains, including numerous foundations removed by the following day.  This is the proposed site for the new Parks Department Office and Maintenance Facility. 

Speaking of the Parks Department and particularly Community Park, we might have lost another picnic shelter to arson.  The incidents of that night are under investigation and there is always the chance of it being accidental but this is the second similar fire in Community Park.  We encourage all citizens to call the Clyde Police Department if you see any suspicious activity in the city at any time.

We have some more exciting news to share regarding Sandco Industries relocation from Fremont to Clyde.  As of last Friday, Sandco has made a verbal commitment to purchase an additional five (5) acres off the Clydescope EDC on Premier Drive.  The Sandco parcel will now exceed ten (10) acres and further secure Clyde as their home for the long term. 

I want to close my report this evening by congratulating a few very deserving city employees.  Clyde Police Detective Brian Weaver was selected by his peers as the 2015 Police Officer of the Year.  Detective Weaver has had an extremely busy year with drug related investigations and although you might not have read about all of these yet, I assure you, you will.  Moving to the other arm of Public Safety, recently retired Clyde Fire Department Operator Ken Hofelich was chosen as the 2015 Firefighter of the Year.  After almost twenty-five years of operating trucks at the scene of emergencies, Kenny decided to retire after passing his knowledge on to a new generation of "smoke-eaters".  I want to personally thank both Brian and Kenny for the work they do or have done in the past. 


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