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Fiser City Manager
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            City Manager
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Sharon S. Smith
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The City of Clyde, as provided in the City Charter, is a Council-Manager Government. The Manager's duty is to execute the laws and administer the government of the municipality. The Manager is the Chief Executive Officer of the City and is responsible to Council for the proper administration of the Municipal Government. 

City Manager's Update to Council August 4, 2015

Paving of the Lower Lot at Community Park was completed last Thursday and the parking spot paint was laid down on Friday.  There are now eighty-two (82) paved parking spots in the Lower Lot.  It is an outstanding improvement to our "flagship" park.  We still have a lot of finish work to complete but congratulations goes out to the General Services Department, the Parks Department and Clyde Light & Power on a very professional job.

Misc. Updates ........

The two (2) new lower 24" screw pumps have arrived at the Waste Water Treatment Plant  (WWTP).  Mosser Construction will start the installation on Monday

Also at the WWTP, annual preventative maintenance of the two oxidation ditches (ODIC) will begin next week. 

The Environmental Services Department continues work on the new George Street waterline.

Clyde Light & Power (CL&P) will be installing new street lighting on the Resco Drive extension and are also working with Frontier Communications on East US Route 20 Lighting.

The extensive update at the city's East Substation is nearing completion.  The station will be re-energized in the next few weeks.

CL&P is also finishing the relocation of both main electrical feeds at the WWTP.  This work  was needed in preparation for construction of the Flow Equalization (EQ) Basin.

The EQ Basin will be bid on August 27 at 10am.  The Engineer's Estimate is $2,300,000.

The 2014 Street Paving Program is tentatively scheduled to begin on August 17.  The streets are Helen, Norris, Gregory, East Thomson, East Drew, and Zimmerman.

Premier Drive recently suffered a major joint failure and there are numerous other joints that are starting to fail.  Smith Paving will be on-scene this month to make repairs and install additional expansion joints.

Construction of the Hoeflich Ditch near Midvale and Elmdale continues.

If you have noticed an array of traffic counters being moved around on US RT 20, we are in the process of gathering data for a speed study.  ODOT has hopes of increasing speeds thru the RT 20 Corridor in the city.  We intend to push back on that move.

The Water Treatment Plant reports that weekly tests of our finished water continues to be fine. We are testing a minimum of three (3) times per week.

Smoking in our city parks was discussed at last week's Council Work Session.  At this time,  Council asks that we all honor the signs placed in Community Park.  Please stay an appropriate distance from our youth when smoking.  Council is reserving the right to re-evaluate this at a later date.



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