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            City Manager
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Sharon S. Smith
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The City of Clyde, as provided in the City Charter, is a Council-Manager Government. The Manager's duty is to execute the laws and administer the
government of the municipality. The Manager is the Chief Executive Officer of the City and is responsible to Council for the proper administration
of the Municipal Government.

City Manager's Update to Council May 19, 2015

The final constructions items should be completed by tomorrow, if not today, on the East Forest Street Phase II sewer separation project. All that we are waiting on is some as builts from the surveying company.

The 2015 road resurfacing contracts have been executed. The General Service Department and the Environmental Service Department have been concentrating on the roads that are in that contract to accomplish any needed work prior to M&B’s arrival.

On May 28 we will be accepting bids for paving of the lower lot at Community Park. That has been a project that up to this point we have done with our people working on it. We still have some compacting and final grading to complete. The paving will not start until after the July 4th celebration.

The EPA loan application for the EQ basin has been submitted. This has been discussed with the coordinator and everything looks in line for our award. We are still actively pursuing a 0% interest rate on that. We also have Green Springs engaged with us on that request. Again, hardship communities are established, with the City of Clyde being 1% hardship and the Village of Green Springs is a 0% so we are at least looking for some sort of blended rate. Best case scenario is we have asked for 0% taking into account Green Springs’ rating.

Clyde Light and Power has already started relocating its two circuits at the WWT plant. Both of those were in conflict with the proposed location on the EQ basin. That work has been going pretty smoothly.

We have been in contact with Norfolk and Southern regarding complaints related to grade crossings in the city, specifically Woodland and Maple. We are also working on the meeting to discuss an alternative method of building the grain train. Their outside council is trying to rent a room for that.

Negotiations are continuing on the solar field projects. Those discussions involve the City, our rate and power portfolio coordinator, our outside council and then the investors. The intent is to bring the legislation to Council within the next two meetings and to keep that project rolling so we are getting some of the benefit yet this summer.

It has been a great spring for growing grass. We seem to be holding our own, but the General Services Department has put in some late nights. They are just trying to keep up with the curb side pick-up along with their other scheduled work. It has been a challenge. It has also been a challenge for the Parks and Cemetery department, but be assured that McPherson Cemetery will be ready for coming events this coming Monday.

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