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The City of Clyde, as provided in the City Charter, is a Council-Manager Government. The Manager's duty is to execute the laws and administer the government of the municipality. The Manager is the Chief Executive Officer of the City and is responsible to Council for the proper administration of the Municipal Government.


City Manager's Update to Council 7/15/2014

The Environmental Service Department (EVS) has begun the water main extension on US RT 20 to the proposed NOMS development.  They had quite a battle with the first set of valves that needed to be placed on an existing bore under the highway.  They will now proceed 2,000 feet to the east and should make quick work of it.  The electric extension to the same development should be starting soon.  The construction plans are complete and awaiting approval by Frontier, as we will have pole attachment agreements with them.  This work will also be done, "in-house" by Clyde Light and Power (CL&P).

The Moving Ohio Forward Demolition Grant Program will fund the leveling of two more abandoned homes in our city.  This will be the third round of funds from this program, which was created by the Ohio Attorney General's Office.  The locations of these current "tear-downs" will be 122 Ralston and 199 Buckeye Street.  We are hoping to receive funds for at least one more structure before the end of the program.  The grants are administered by the Sandusky County Health Department.

While on the topic of demolitions, I did field a few inquiries about the "tear-down" at 130 Buckeye Street.  Specifically, I was asked if the City of Clyde funded that work.  Except for lending out some old fire hose, to help keep the dust down, we had no part of that job.  The work was privately funded by the current owner of property and I would like to publically thank them for their beatification efforts. 

 We held a "pre-construction" meeting for the East Forest Street Sewer Separation Project, Phase II on July 8th in the conference room.  The contracts have been executed and all submissions made to the Ohio Public Works Commission.  Construction is expected to start by mid-August and wrap up by the end of October.   


Bowser-Morner, Inc. is scheduled to be on-site at the proposed solar field this Thursday for the purpose of conducting a geotechnical subsurface investigation.  The results of this work will be utilized when designing the racks that will hold the actual solar panels.  The Assignment Document has yet to be finalized but the EPC Contractor continues to move forward with planning and design operations.  

Misc. updates

We have a scoping meeting set for US RT 20 Culvert with numerous ODOT, District 2 officials on Thursday, July 17th. 

The Police Department Renovations continue.  Painting is scheduled to start this weekend and flooring will be laid immediately following that.  Training on the new dispatch consoles will begin the week of August 11th.  

Nothing new to report on the Limerick Road Resurfacing or the South Street Bridge Construction.

The reservoirs are at 93% capacity. 

City Manager's Update to Council 7/1/2014

The First Hearing for the Hoeflich Ditch Project was held this morning at 11AM.  The project was approved by the Sandusky County Commissioners at that hearing, thereby ordering the County Engineer to complete construction plans and calculate proposed assessments.  As you might remember, this open channel was petitioned for improvement by the owners of the S.C. Manor Ltd. property on Rawlins Way and drains approximately 700 acres within the corporation limits.  For  numerous years the area northwest of the US RT 20/Main Street Intersection has had drainage issues due to the upper end of this channel being enclosed with a failing and under-sized clay tile as well as the channel itself being totally overgrown with brush.  Approval of this project by the commissioners will allow the city to have an adequate outlet for future storm sewers in the area.  One additional hearing and final approval are needed before construction could begin. 

The Mulberry Street Culvert is complete and the road has been resurfaced from Cherry Street to South Street. 

Solarvision - We will be presenting our final amendments of Solarvision's Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and Solar Licensing Agreement (SLA) to the new investment team in the next few days.  We are hoping to bring the Assignment and Assumption Document before council at the July 15th session.

We have a "pre-construction" meeting scheduled for the East Forest Street Sewer Separation Project, Phase II on July 8th at 9am. 

South Street Bridge Project - As mentioned at our last session, the South Street Bridge Project was awarded to Mosser Construction, Inc. of Fremont.  I received a tentative schedule from Mosser today.  They are currently in the design phase of the project and hope to have plans to the city by mid-July.  They are currently anticipating start of construction by early September and the completion date is November 30, 2014.  This is a design/build contract with 100% funding from the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). 

New Trail Water Fountain - If you get a chance, check out the new water fountain area by the Environmental Services Department.  Don Ball's crew did an outstanding job with the masonry work.  The fountain project was partially funded by the 2014 Sandusky County Parks Grant and is placed adjacent to the North Coast Inland Trail at the end of Watertower Drive.

Miscellaneous updates

The Police Department Renovations continue.  The HVAC equipment has arrived and installation was proceeding today. 

Limerick Road Resurfacing was bid on June 24th.  The apparent low bidder was Gerken Paving of Gibsonburg.  The completion date is set for September 30, 2014.

Heading into the heart of summer, the reservoirs are at 90% capacity. 

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