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Fiser City Manager
Paul H. Fiser
City Manager
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Sharon S. Smith
Administrative Secretary
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The City of Clyde, as provided in the City Charter, is a Council-Manager Government. The Manager's duty is to execute the laws and administer the government of the municipality. The Manager is the Chief Executive Officer of the City and is responsible to Council for the proper administration of the Municipal Government.


City Manager's Update to Council October 21, 2014

In regards to the East Forest Street sewer separation, the water main is completed and all taps have been made. The main sewer line has been completed and there are still a few services to connect. As of today they had about 200 feet left of the storm sewer. Next week they are planning on preparing to start the under drains, which is basically a four inch tile underneath the curb and getting ready for curb installation. Clyde Light & Power, Frontier and cablevision have been relocated. There are still some old poles to remove yet. Things are progressing quickly. They just might get this paved before the asphalt plants close about Thanksgiving.

The South Street Bridge structure has been removed. They did form and pour the east footer. They are currently working on the west footer and are tentatively set to place the arches the first week of November. We do have a distribution line in the area and will be taking about a 2-3 hour outage, which will involve about 200 customers. With the crane, and the distance from the wire to the crane, it is really a necessity. We will be placing those notices on all of the customerís doors as soon as we nail down when we need to take the outage.


The Route 20 culvert will probably be under construction next year, out by Halls Market. The survey work has started. We did have the second reading of the Ordinance for the engineering services on that.


Clyde Light & Power is in the beginning stages for planning all of the actual installation of the material that we bought over the past year, which includes circuit switches and the 69 kV relay action. We will be starting on the new substation, which involves leveling one of the four main transformers that has been settling since it was installed back in 1989-90. That substation will be out of service for probably 6-8 weeks. We can remove that transformer, re-do the foundation that it sits on and while the substation is down that is when we will be doing all of the upgrades for that substation.


Over the next few months we will be entering in contract negations. Despite finances being good I think there might be some difficult negotiations.  We have a tentative increase in our medical insurance that we are going to have to get through the negotiation process. Hopefully we can get that wrapped up timely.

The City is preparing for the Winesburg Christmas Fest. There is a new group heading it up, and a meeting was held with all of the department heads to work through some different ideas. There will be fireworks again, which have been a big hit over the last few years.


Salt price increase - Last year our salt prices were about $35/ton delivered.  We went through ODOT and two bids were rejected. Salt for this year will be roughly $105/ton undelivered.  Each entity will have to secure their own delivery and the salt will be from undetermined locations throughout the state. There will be salt conservation and the City will probably notice a difference in how our streets look following a storm. But, at that price we will need to conserve.

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