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Fiser City Manager
             Paul H. Fiser
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Jackie Hoppe
Administrative Secretary
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The City of Clyde, as provided in the City Charter, is a Council-Manager Government. The Manager's duty is to execute the laws and administer the government of the municipality. The Manager is the Chief Executive Officer of the City and is responsible to Council for the proper administration of the Municipal Government. 

City Manager's Update to Council April 19th, 2016

The General Service Department, Environmental Service Department and the Parks Department have been concentrating most of their efforts on work needed to be completed prior to the 2016 Paving Program. We will be executing the pavement contracts tomorrow with 7L Construction and we appear to be first on their list. The General Service crews have been replacing deteriorated curbing and countless ADA curb ramps in preparation for paving while the EVS Department has been exercising valves and ensuring that no replacements are needed prior to the paver's arrival. Today, the Parks Department despite all their annual work, started excavating the Stephenson Path thru Hurd Park. They need to excavate 400 yards of earth, place 300 yards of stone and then compact that stone prior to the asphalt surface being laid. This is our third major park improvement that would not have been possible without the generous donations of the Russel and Marguerite Stephenson Foundation.

Work on the Waste Water Treatment Plant's (WWTP) Flow Equalization (EQ) Basin is starting to wind down. Widening work on the second channel in the Preliminary Treatment Building should be completed this week after a final concrete pour. Following that, the second rotating drum screen can be installed and commissioned. Installation of the perimeter fencing began today and hopefully will be completed by the weekend. Commissioning of other new equipment has been on-going and we have encountered a few issues but they are being addressed.

The Clyde Solar Energy Center (CSEC) is still a very busy, but much less muddy, construction site these days. The PV panels continue to be installed and as of today, the EPC Contractor has well over 50% of the panels installed. Over the past few days, Clyde Light and Power crews have been working on our final phases of the interconnection line. They have been working on the foundation for a large switch gear which should be arriving in town soon. Commissioning of the field is tentatively scheduled for the end of May.

The construction plans for both the Clyde Light and Power Building and the Maintenance/Office Building for the Parks Department have been reviewed by the State. I few minor changes were needed but we are expecting "plan approval" next week. The stone pads for both building were completed last week so you can now see the footprints if you visit the sites. We are still looking at a May 16th bid date.

Yesterday morning, Sandco Industries held the Ground Breaking Ceremony at their new headquarters on Premier Drive. The weather was absolutely perfect and the event was very well attended. Sandco CEO, Megan Craun expressed her excitement about the huge journey they are about to undertake with the construction of a brand new manufacturing facility and she stressed how proud they are to call Clyde their new home.

Misc. City Updates...

  • CL&P should take delivery of their new Bucket Truck this week
  • The GS Department should take delivery of their new leaf machine on April 29th
  • The reservoirs are full and we will be "topping-off" as needed
  • The Clyde Fire Department will be hosting its annual Chicken Barbeque this Sunday from 11am until 2pm
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