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Mailing address of all City Departments is: 222 N. Main Street, Clyde Ohio 43410 

Paul H. Fiser, City Manager 419-547-6898
Jackie Hoppe, Administrative Secretary 419-547-6898
Clyde City Council
G. Scott Black, Mayor
Steve Keegan, Vice Mayor
Jean Jackson, Council Member
Gary Smith, Council Member
Bobbie Boyer, Council Member
Janet Dickman, Clerk of Council 419-547-6898
Fire Department
Craig R. Davis, Fire Chief 419-547-8357
Louis Snyder, Assistant Chief 419-547-8357
Joe Spitler, Assistant Chief 419-547-8357
Clyde Light & Power
Cory Lachner, Superintendent 419-547-7742
Justin Woodruff, Assistant Superintendent 419-547-7742
Information Technology
Justin Labenne, IT/GIS Administrator 419-547-3545
Police Department
Monti Campbell, Chief 419-547-9555
Environmental Services
Jim Rohrbach, Superintendent 419-547-8090
Finance Department
Craig R. Davis - Finance Director 419-547-0575
Lucy Ritter - Income Tax 419-547-8917
Amy Lozier - Personnel 419-547-0575
Patrica Rusch - Utilities 419-547-0575
Maria Miller - Accounts Payable 419-547-0575
General Services Department
Bill Hamilton, Supterintendent 419-547-7419
Parks & Cemetery
Jim Mason, Superintendent 419-547-8455
Recreation Department
Konner Garcia, Recreational Administrator 419-547-6205
Wastewater Treatment Plant
Thomas Bauer, Superintendent 419-547-9407
Water Treatment Plant
Phillip Farrar, Sr. Superintendent 419-547-9805
Zoning Department
Kenneth G. Winke, Zoning Inspector 419-547-3587


Municipal Building | 222 North M

Municipal Building | 222 North Main Street | Clyde, Ohio 43410 |  City of Clyde, Ohio