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James Mason
(419) 547-8455

Shelter House & Bridge
Community Park
Entrances on Race Street, South Street and Fair Street. Facilities: baseball/softball diamonds, volleyball courts, tennis courts, open shelter houses, covered bridge, fishing, playground equipment, restrooms and concession stands.

Thaddeus Hurd Park
Parking on East Cherry Street, walking entrance from East Forest Street. Facilities: Basketball courts, children's play stations, swings, etc.

Hendricks Park
South Main Street at base of reservoir. Tennis Courts & children's swings and climbing toys.

Gus Wolf Park
West Maple Street - parking at Vine Street entrance. One tennis court, one basketball hoop, children's play toys, large open grassy areas, along Raccoon Creek.
Playground  Equip 
 Grand Opening of  Lions Club Skate Park coming July 4, 2015.

Paden Park
Open grassy area on Mulberry Street near South Street.

Summary of Select Park Rules: Complete Rules available online:
Click Here : Search for Codified Ordinance "Chapter 955 "

Park Hours: Hendricks Park 5:00 am to 11:00 pm All other parks 8:00 am to 10:00 pm

Boats shall be permitted on the Municipal reservoir between the hours of 4:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. only. All boats shall be of the type authorized under the laws of the State and must be duly licensed and operated pursuant to the laws of the State. Prior to the launching of any boat on the reservoir, the operator shall, each time such boat is launched, register at the Police Department. The police officer on duty may prohibit the launching of any boat if, in his opinion, the boat is not seaworthy.

955.04 SWIMMING PROHIBITED. No person shall swim in either Raccoon Creek or Beaver Creek Reservoir at any time.

955.05 VEHICLES PROHIBITED NEAR RESERVOIRS. No person shall drive, propel or operate a motor vehicle or other vehicle upon the road surrounding the perimeter of the Municipal reservoir at any time

505.01 DOGS AND OTHER ANIMALS RUNNING AT LARGE. (b) No person being the owner of or having charge of any dog, or cat, whether wearing a registration tag or not, shall permit it to run at large upon any public place or upon the premises of another. No owner, keeper or harborer of any female dog or cat shall permit such dog or cat to go beyond the premises of such owner or keeper at any time such dog or cat is in heat, unless such dog or cat is properly in leash. The owner or keeper of every dog or cat shall at all times keep such dog or cat either confined upon the premises of the owner or keeper or under reasonable control of some person.

505.17 ANIMAL WASTE. (b) No owner of any animal shall permit such animal to deposit waste upon public or private land in the City, other than that of the owner. (c) Any owner observing or learning of his or her animal depositing waste upon public or private land, other than that of the owner, shall immediately remove such waste from such land and dispose of such waste in an enclosed container.

(a) No person shall have in his possession a bottle, flask or container containing intoxicating liquor or beer nor consume any intoxicating liquor or beer upon the premises or grounds.
(Ord. 1578. Passed 5-19-53.)
(b) Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.



James B. McPherson Cemetery 

  West McPherson Highway
East Maple Street
  Section 1 Site Map
Section 2 Site Map
Section 3 Detached and Section 5 Veterans Site Maps
Section 3 Site Map
Section 5 Site Map
Section 6 Site Map

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The Cemetery is open to the public daily from dawn to dusk. It is under supervision of Jim Mason, Parks and Cemetery Superintendent.

The cemetery is manned by Roy Weisz between 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday, except for holidays. Summer hours are 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

The telephone number at the Cemetery is 419 547-8181 and Mr. Mason can be reached at 419 547-8455.

Rules for McPherson Cemetery are established by a City of Clyde Codified Ordinance Chapter 951.

Prohibited activities at the Cemetery are:
No firearms except for ceremonial purposes.
No animals allowed on the grounds
No littering except in refuse baskets and areas designated for said purposes
No sale of refreshments on the grounds.
No driving off paved roadways and don�t exceed 5 MPH
No disturbing the quiet and good order of the Cemetery
No plucking any plant or flower (wild or cultivated), nor breaking or injuring any
tree or shrub or marring any monument of defacing the grounds.
The care and maintenance of all sites is performed by cemetery employees. No person or persons will be permitted to perform ground maintenance work on any site, except as permitted by Mr. Mason or the Cemetery Sexton.

Fall and winter arrangements shall be removed from grave sites by April 1 of each year and spring and summer arrangements by October 1 of each year.

Arrangement for interment shall be made thru the City Manager�s Office at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled funeral service. Call 419 547-6898 and if necessary, leave a voice message.

Interments are not allowed without full payment for opening and closing prior to the scheduled funeral service, except the funeral director may deliver full payment at the time of the funeral service.
Costs and fees are:
Opening and closing graves:
Grave site in baby section (1/2 grave site) - $50.00 Infants thru age 2 $35.00 (except weekend or holidays $ 135.00)
Grave site for ashes (1/2 grave site) $150.00 Child thru age 12 $80.00 (except weekend or holidays $ 180.00)
Indigent grave sites $50.00 Adult $270.00 (except weekend or holidays $370.00)
Each grave site $300.00 Ashes $50.00 (except weekend or holidays) $150.00)

Holidays are defined as all recognized Federal Holiday, plus locally the addition of Good Friday, and the day after Thanksgiving. No burials will be made on Memorial Day.

The burial of remains of more than one person for each grave site will not be permitted, except the remains of an infant. Cremated remains may be buried with a spouse or other family member provided the remains of the buried are not disturbed and Mr. Mason has determined that there is space available.

Removal or transfer from a grave shall be permitted only upon approval of the City Manager and shall be charged based upon the opening and closing of each grave site. A removal is charged 1 opening and closing. A transfer is charged for 2 opening and closings. The cost associated with removal or transfer shall be paid by the person ordering the work. In the event the decedent died of a contagious or communicable disease, disinterment shall be permitted only upon approval of the Sandusky County Board of Health or Court of Record having jurisdiction in the matter.

Veteran grave sites are available. Burial sites are released by the Sandusky County Veterans Service Office upon application by the funeral home representative who provides proof of the service of the deceased and certifies that a grave site has not otherwise been provided. Honorably discharged soldiers, sailors, marines, and airman who have been in active service of the United States are eligible. Widows of veterans may be buried next to their husbands. Requests for such burials shall be in writing to the City Manager and the cost for burial of widows shall be that of an opening and closing. A Veteran�s Widows Trust Fund has been established for the perpetual care of grave sites in the amount of $85.00 for each site.

Grave site selection and purchases will be made through Mr. Mason or the Cemetery Sexton. The employees will assist the purchaser prepare the Cemetery Lot Sales Form which will include the name of the owner/owners; section number, lot number, site number(s) and purchase amount. The purchaser shall take the form to the Finance Department for payment and then take their receipt of payment to the City Manager for Deed preparation.

The City will buy any site(s) back where there have been no burials. Re-purchase price for each site shall be the original price paid for the site(s).

No Deed shall be conveyed and no monument, marker or other memorial shall be placed, nor shall a burial be permitted within a site until the purchase price of the site has been paid in full.

Only one family monument shall be permitted on any lot. The maximum height of a monument in either Section 5 or 6 shall not exceed three feet. All monumental work shall be designed and executed in such a manner as to insure the most permanent construction. Foundations will be installed during the months of April and October of each calendar year.

All monuments shall be set upon a concrete foundation constructed by cemetery employees. All foundations will be sized to match the planned monument except that monuments in Section 5 & 6 will be four inches wider and longer than the planned monument.


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