Swimming Pools

Code Sections 1127.02(123) and 1153.04 updated October 2003

Summary of Regulations Pertaining to Swimming Pools

  • Permit required for in-ground pools and above-ground pools installed year-round. A six-foot fence is required around the pool or the entire yard within 24 hours of filling the pool with water. Above ground pool may be used as a barrier, with an additional two-foot of fencing on top of and around the entire pool structure, and ladders or steps used to access the pool shall be capable of being secured, locked, or removed to prevent access. Pools must be in the rear yard and placed at least ten feet from any property line.
  • Portable pools: defined as pools that have the capacity to hold at least 18 inches of water, that may be readily disassembled for storage, and that are not permanently affixed to plumbing or electrical service. A permit is not required for portable pools, at least a four-foot high fence is required within 24 hours of the pool being filled with water. A temporary fence does not require a permit, a fence to be installed on a permanent basis requires a zoning permit.
  • "Kiddie Pools" Any pool with a water capacity of 18 inches or less is exempt from the swimming pool regulations. Pools that have a capacity of greater than 18 inches are not exempt, even if they are only filled to a height of 18 inches. If the capacity is greater than 18 inches, the requirements above apply.