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Mar 18

Wastewater Plant Featured

Posted on March 18, 2023 at 1:21 PM by Justin LaBenne

The Wastewater Treatment Plant was recently featured in Water Digest Magazine, discussing our installation of new rotating drum screens. These new screens have made a world of difference during the intake process. This will make life considerably easier for the equipment at the plant, reducing maintenance costs, reducing downtime, and increasing the life expectancy of costly equipment. 

During a week-long operation in 2022, Superintendent John Biggs and the Wastewater team removed 37 tons of debris from just one of the two oxidation ditches at the plant. Before these new screens were installed, rags and other debris would work their way through the process and plug pumps and other equipment. Now, despite several storm events, the new screen handle debris down to the size of a cigarette butt and the WWT team are now removing 1-2 cubic yards of debris per week before it reaches equipment. 

Read the Water Digest Article Online

Wastewater Plant Aerial

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Feb 26

Demolition - 306 W Maple St.

Posted on February 26, 2023 at 2:59 AM by Justin LaBenne

On January 17, 2023, Clyde City Council passed ordinance 2023-11, purchasing the property at 306 W Maple St. for $7,500. The Clyde General Service Department will handle the demolition of the building, and that work is slated to begin on February 27, 2023. 

In just under 45 days, the City has purchased, closed on, and will be demolishing this blighted property. This building has long been considered an eyesore and receives numerous complaints from citizens and neighbors as it does not conform to modern zoning requirements and has not seen proper investment or upkeep in many years. With the building's entrance sitting almost on the roadway and encroaching on the public right of way, a potential revitalization of this property would be hard to achieve. Over ten years ago, other structures on the property were torn down after falling into disrepair. 

Clyde Lumber originally owned the building, and ClydeCo Cement Company operated their business out of it, but it has sat vacant and in disrepair for quite some time. Potential reuse of the property is severely limited due to the size of the parcel, setback requirements, and the property's zoning use fell back residential due to not having commercial activity for such a long time. To remove future issues with continued non-conformity and disinvestment, the City decided to purchase and remove the structure and additional concrete slabs. The City will retain ownership and maintain the land as green space for the time being. 

306 West Maple St.

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Feb 25

Demolition - 326 Vine St.

Posted on February 25, 2023 at 2:28 PM by Justin LaBenne

On September 27, 2022, the Sandusky County Land Bank purchased the property at 326 Vine St. (on the corner of Vine and Mulberry Streets) for $5,000 after a fire resulted in a total loss on the inside of the home. The Land Bank Awarded the demo contract to Garza Dirt Works, LLC after receiving bids, and the tentative date for demolition is scheduled for March 13, 2023. 

326 Vine St.

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