Environmental Services

The City of Clyde Environmental Services Department maintains water and sanitary sewer lines.

Backflow Prevention Handout (PDF)

Public Notice

In accordance with the City of Clyde Code, Section 929.04, and the Ohio Administrative Code, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency requires a continuing program of cross-connection control which will systematically and effectively prevent the contamination of all potable water systems.

The City of Clyde has such a program and in the months ahead will be conducting periodic surveys and investigations of the water use practices within the consumer's premise. This information will be used to determine whether there are actual or potential cross-connections to the consumer's water system through which contaminants or pollutants could backflow into the public water system. The basic rule is that the water in your premise should not be in contact with anything you would not normally eat or drink.

A City of Clyde employee, or representative, with proper identification, will ask to enter your premise to inspect the piping system. That person will also be inspecting for auxiliary water sources. The most common auxiliary water is a well, but could include other sources as described by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. Under no circumstances, can any unapproved auxiliary water sources be physically connected to the public water piping.

Your cooperation in keeping Clyde public water safe is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns about backflow prevention, please feel free to call me at 419-547-8090.

Forms Available for Water & Sanitary Sewer Service